Pet Artiglio Grinder Incline Tabella Fun Cat Scratch Giocattolo Grinding Paw (Grigio)


Fully stretched?Cats can scratch their paws or nails inside or outside. Both of them are covered with corrugated paper. It is good for cat growth and health, and can effectively help cats shorten and scrape their nails to prevent them from hurting their paws and protect you from harm.

Long-lasting and environmentally friendly material?The honeycomb design has high pressure resistance and wear resistance, and it is not easy to deform. This cat scratchboard set is covered with high-density corrugated cardboard and high-density board melamine, and the cat’s claws cannot be broken.

Multifunctional for cats?The cat scraper can be used for many purposes, such as resting, nail shaving, playing, etc. With this scraper, the cat may not scratch the home furniture with its paws.

Design moderno e minimalista: I gatti come questo disegno. Due cartoni raschietto dare il vostro gatto più opzioni e li rendono più divertente durante la riproduzione o di riposo. I colori e le forme sono anche attraenti per i gatti e può adattarsi a qualsiasi arredo della vostra casa o stanza.

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