RCRuning-EU Borraccia per Cane,Portable Dog Water Bottle, Pets Feeder for Pet Travel Borraccia Walking Travelling Drinking (12 oz, Rosa)


One-touch Lock Water: One key to open and close, convenient for dogs to drink.Leak proof, do not waste water in outdoor travel. You can hold the dog in one hand and feed dog to drink water in other hand.

Large Capacity of Small Size Bottle: This 75mm * 208mm water bottle can hold 350ml water. Small size, easy to carry, large capacity, do not worry about the dog no safe water to drink while out of play.

Wide Sink: 75mm wide sink is 11mm wider than 500ml mineral water bottle,dog drinking water more easily, no longer afraid to drink water uncomfortable.It fits for small medium large dogs.

Beautiful and Durable: Senior exquisite color and design of bottle can bring your dog enjoyable drinking experience. And the unbroken plastic ABS material is durable, it is more convenient in outdoors.

Safe Water Happy Trip: Love-sporting dog loves to drink water. Dogs who drink wild water are prone to gastrointestinal problems. Drinking too little water, dogs are easy to get kidney stone disease.With this portable pet drinking water bottle, you are no longer afraid there is no safe water for dog to drink.

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